The Farmstead

With a lot of love and deep respect for their RIZES (roots), the Zouganeli family revives a past Chorio. According to tradition, Chorio on the island of Mykonos is an autonomous residence which consists of a set of independent buildings, in which the family from the past years, produced the livelihood of its own land and domestic animals.

A past time were life had with few comforts. Memories of men with callused hands from the plowing. Memories of sunburned women with scarves on the head. Moments under the light of the oil lamp, sometimes silent, sometimes full of songs and laughter.

For us today Chorio is the wood oven that bakes the bread and the food of the day. The place we produce our cheese. The vineyard we take care of the grapes and make our wine. Thegarden with our vegetables, the trees with the juicy fruits. It is the home we grow in our family.

It is our identity! Our RIZES!

The Chorio continues the tradition and has its door open, to welcome and offer to its visitor unparalleled hospitality and an experience full of traditional colors, aromas and sounds.

Welcome to our home!

Places To Visit

  • ‘Chorio‘ – Traditional House
  • Folklore Exhibitions
  • Chapel
  • Farmsread Stone Oven
  • Cheese Workshop
  • Winery Foot-Pressing Vat
  • Well
  • Tools
  • Vineyard
  • Olive Grove
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Cultivations
  • Stable
  • Chicken Coop
  • Dovecote
  • Domestic Animals

Things to Do

Choose one of our organised activities and take in your suitcases a unique experience under the guidance of tradition and authentic hospitality.

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