Imagine waking up in a charming Cycladic house, surrounded by the idyllic beauty of a farm on the island of Mykonos. Rizes Mykonos makes this dream a reality with the new addition to their farm: five traditional houses  that offer an authentic and immersive experience of the island’s history and culture.

Located in the Chorio, a set of independent buildings where generations of families  produced their livelihoods from the land and domestic animals, the houses are built with a lot of love and deep respect for the Zouganeli family’s roots, and reflect the traditional architecture and design of Mykonos.


Boasting family heirlooms from up to six generations, and all the necessary amenities for a cozy stay at our double room.


With attention to detail, we have equipped our triple room with modern amenities to enhance the comfort of your family or friends.


Enjoy a comfortable yet economical stay, allowing you to embrace the authentic life on the farmstead at this quadruple room.

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