Rizes Folklore Farmstead

A journey back to our RIZES (roots)… A journey in time and the history of the original Mykonos back in time. In the heart of the island, through the traditionally decorated house, the folklore workshops, the lush gardens, the domestic animals and the secluded routes, we revive the daily life of our ancestors and our heritage.

Host and guide to this experience, is a Mykonian family that continues to live with the tradition and customs that one generation delivers to the next. For you, we open the door of our home to travel together in history, the daily activities of another way of life and the unique local flavors of the Mykonian cuisine!

The Restaurant

Savor unique culinary local treasures & daily traditional dishes, at the heart, of the farmstead!


Our daily activities are becoming a unique experience for everybody, as through interaction and participation you can taste a little bit of the past.

The Farmstead

At a 5 acres farmstead, in the hear of the island, traditional way of living is revived through a local family and its everyday life!


Imagine waking up in a charming Cycladic house, surrounded by the idyllic beauty of a farm on the island of Mykonos.

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